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This project add some missing WGL methods to JOGL (all versions): WGL methods are Windows specific and JOGL will certainly not include them for portability purpose.

Here are the methods added by this project:

These methods creates display lists that contains fonts installed on the system.

The library is amll, approximately ~90ko. Here some screenshot using it with 3D text created using wglUseFontOutlines and 2D text created with wglUseFontBitmaps.


The add-on works well on my computer (Windows 2000), I think that it should work well too on all Win32 platforms.

This Jogl Add-On project is Open Source now under LGPL license (GNU General Public License).
For more information, go to: Open Source and LGPL (

If you're using this library, please keep the readme file with the jar and libraries in your project.

The license is now LGPL.

Jogl Add-on (Java >= 1.4) :

Example of the screen-shots (Java >= 1.5) :

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