NativeFmodEx Project

Author: Jérôme Jouvie

NativeFmodEx 1.5.0
NativeFmodEx on Github

For FMOD Ex 4.31.02 & FMOD Designer 4.31.02 & above
Java 1.4 & above
Windows/Windows64, Linux/Linux64, Mac PPC/Intel, JWS compatible

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The FMOD Ex Programmer's API and Designer are a world-leading library and toolkit for the creation and playback of interactive audio. FMOD products are widely used in the games industry and have gained a strong reputation for its ease of use, powerful software-mixed architecture and comprehensive cross-platform support.

FMOD supports more hardware platforms than any other audio system - including the latest 'next gen' consoles. Consider the cost savings of not having to change code across any platform - Save months of development time. FMOD is actively developed, with regular releases of new features.

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NativeFmodEx project was created the 23 February 2005, and adds support of the java programming language to FMOD Ex.

NativeFmodEx is linked with FMOD C library and exposes FMOD API in a java interface, by respecting orignal API methods, structure, ... names.

This project benefit of the experience and work done for NativeFmod project to create a stable and proper API.

NativeFmodEx is an Open Source project under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

This means NativeFmodEx is free to use in non-commercial and commercial software. Just keep unmodified any copyright notices and keep the original license and readme files along with NativeFmodEx library.
For more information about LGPL, please visit Open Source and LGPL (

NativeFmodEx is linked and uses FMOD Ex library, you also MUST aquire a license of FMOD Ex library.
Visit for more information on FMOD Ex licensing.
FMOD Ex is copyright Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd

If you like this project, please make a donation to support further development of this project and all other projects freely available from this site. Thanks for your support !

NativeFmodEx 1.5.0 for FMOD Ex 4.31.02 (Win, Linux, Linux64, Mac PPC & Mac Intel) :
(Version of FMOD Ex library indicates which version was used for linking)

FMOD Ex libraries compatible with NativeFmodEx releases are distributed here without any guaranty :
(Please visit the site of Firelight Technologies for official distribution)

Big thanks to Michael Oort for helping building NativeFmodEx under Mac Os X.

Thanks for all the people that haved tested NativeFmod and reporting me bugs, missing features and suggesting ameliorations.

FMOD Ex examples :


Dsp Plugin Viewer

FMOD Designer examples :


Tutorial article (not maintained since times):

Articles (not maintained since times):


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