Music Player Ex

A lightweight music player using the FMOD/FMOD Ex sound library.

Format supported for playback are:

The player can plays music from hard drive, network, playlists (pls/m3u) and audio CD.
It also support conversion to wav, mp3 and ogg formats (ogg only supported on windows).

Screenshots of the player under Windows/Linux :


Player minimized

and on mac (some display problems (scrollbar) and positioning):


Player minimized

Spectrum and oscilloscope visualizators:



Player icon and menu on the tray icon:


This player is available in english, french, german (by Andreas Jakob,, hungarian (by Denes Vago,, greek (emathana), polish (), spanish (Herr. Xiryum) and swedish (RaptorXZ / Raptor).

For more languages, translate this text file into your langage and submit me the translation by mail. It's easy and no coding is requiered. If you encounter any problems, just ask me questions.

This feature is only available for Windows user, it will not be supported for other platforms.

To associate music file to MusicPlayerEx, use 'MusicPlayerEx.reg Generator.bat' file. This file will generate the register file ('MusicPlayerEx.reg') and unregister/recover file ('Backup.reg').

First file created contains registry datas to associate MusicPlayerEx with choosen extensions (see Choosing association file underneath). Second file Backup.reg contains recovery datas of your original settings and datas to remove MusicPlayerEx from your registry => DON'T DELETE IT.

Note: 'Backup.reg' have read only attributes. Its datas are not replaced in case of multiple use of 'MusicPlayerEx.reg Generator.bat' file (always contains your original settings).

To choose file extensions to be associated with my player, open 'MusicPlayerEx.reg Generator.bat' with a text editor.

You can choose the extension associated with /reg command line option :
   MusicPlayerEx /reg list_of_extensions
   MusicPlayerEx /reg env pls m3u mp2 mp3 ogg wav

Execute the file 'MusicPlayerEx.reg' generated in previous step.

This will associate extension with the player, add 'Play with MusicPlayerEx' in the context menu and associate the player logo as icon of associated files.

Execute Backup.reg :
 -> MusicPlayerEx will be entirely removed from your registry
 -> Original file association will be recovered

The player is compatible with Java 6 and above. If you encounter any problems, install last Java SE 7 (JRE).

On windows, use "MusicPlayerEx.bat" for mp3 conversion.
See fsb-troubles/README.txt to resolve problems with FSB files.

31/08/2014: Italian translation integrated.
02/04/2013: Remember conversion path.
29/11/2012: Added support for FSB encrypted files: use 'edit password' popup menu on the song.
28/12/2011: Added spanish/polish/swedish lang, updated mp3 and ogg converter, fix ogg conversion (stereo and missing last chunk of music), restore conversion preferences, fix fsb display length and progression, extract fsb sound name when playing, added fsb-troubles folder for those who have problem with FSB (see readme inside).

If you like the player, please make a donation to support development of this project and all other projects freely available from this site. Any donations are greatly appreciated, thanks for your contributions !

Due to the high number of download, and for server bandwith saving, files are now distributed in an external server. If you find any link broken, please report them to me.

Download for windows, linux and macosx (7z is 7-Zip (Seven Zip) extension):

or automatic installer with 'one click' (converter and plugins not available):


You can get the source of the player:


Copyright © 2004-2012 Jérôme Jouvie - All rights reserved.