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This site was created during May 2004 to share my java projects and some OpenGL tutorials.
Since its creation, more and more contents was added to constitute a great source of information for 3D/OpenGL and audio programming in Java.


The site host 3 Open-Source projects to use the best known audio engine with Java:

I have also some work in progress to use FFmpeg with Java, some screenshots here.
Those projects uses the JNI (Java Native Interface) technology to design a Java API around the orignal C/C++ API.

An impressive amount of informations and API for 3D programming with OpenGL and Java:

Recently, portion of this site has been moved to bonzaiengine.com.


There is a small section that give an introduction to Java Web Start and some interesting Network lessons and tutorials:


And finally, I've shared some C++ beginner code written for my own learning.


Don't hesitate to give me any feedback and suggestions.
If you want to get in touch for any purpose, feel free to contact me in the forum or by email.


I hope you'll enjoy this site !


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