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Tutorial 21 : Effects on pictures

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Author : Jouvieje
Thanks : NeHe, Ron Sullivan

Description : This tutorial will create some basic effects on pictures by manipulating pixels data. The effects are mostly based on using the alpha channel of the image.


Tutorial 22 : Multi-Texturing & Animated textures

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Author : Jouvieje
Thanks : DigiBen

Description : This is a port of the GameTutorial's Tutorial 15 created by Digiben. Multi-texturing allow you to stack up multiple textures..
Here, multi-texturing is used to create animated textures in only one pass.
This also learn you how to search the OpenGL extensions supported by your graphic card.

New Functions : glGetString, wglGetProcAddress, glGetIntegerv, gljTestGLProc, glActiveTextureARB, glMultiTexCoord2fARB


Tutorial 23 : Reflection / Stencil Buffer

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Author : Jouvieje
Thanks : NeHe

Description : This Tutorial show how to create a reflection effect.
It uses the Stencil Buffer to achieve this effect.

The 'spring' shape is generated with per vertex (true or average normal) or per quad (normal of the quad) lighting.

New Functions : glStencilFunc, glStencilOp, glClearStencil, GLCapabilities.setStencilBits


Tutorial 25 : OpenGl components

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Author : Jouvieje

Description : Set of OpenGl components. I've implemented a Label, a TextField, a PictureBox, a List and a CheckBox.
Component are basically used to create a menu.

These components support key and mouse events. Each component have their own properties like color, font, transparency, state ...


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