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Tutorial 11 : Environment Mapping & Automatic texture coordinate generation

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Author : Jouvieje
Thanks : NeHe, McCLaw

Description : This is a port of NeHe's Tutorial 23 and McClaw's Cube mapping tutorial plus some addition from my own.
This tutorial use automatic coordinates texture generation. This can be used to creates reflection effects or to apply texture to complexe shapes (3d models).



Tutorial 12 : Light [Part I]

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Author : Jouvieje
Thanks : NeHe, The Red Book

Description : This Tutorial creates a simple light source that lit the surface of a sphere or a cube.

New Functions : glLightfv, glNormal3f


Tutorial 13 : Light [Part II]

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Author : Jouvieje

Description : The sphere is light up by 3 kind of lights: a positional light source (yellow), a directional light (white) and a spot (blue).


Tutorial 14 : Light & Material [Part I]

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Author : Silicon Graphics, ported to Java by Ron Cemer

Description : This program demonstrates the use of the GL lighting model.
Several objects are drawn using different material characteristics.
The same light source illuminates all the objects.

New Functions : glMaterialfv, glLightModelfv


Tutorial 15 v2 : Light & Material [Part II] - Particle System

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Author : Jouvieje

Description : This is the second version of the tutorial. I think the scene is better, I've also added a small particle system.
The scene is composed of the two kind of lights (spot and a positional light). The objects in the scene have different material properties.


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